Local Link Meets Jagger and Woody


Childhood friends, and honorary Welshmen, Jagger and Woody are hosts of the most successful breakfast radio show and we were lucky enough to recently interview them. From their close bromance, to messing up on air, to stealing Pat Sharpe’s taxi they had us in stitches!

What led you to the radio career?

J: We started many years ago as aspiring DJs in clubs and working in the same kind of bars, I’d take the mic one night and he’d take it the next. I got myself on hospital radio presenting to start and then a few weeks later Woody joined – it was a coincidence they put us together.

How many years have you been working together?

W: Awww too long…around 19 years.

J: We got a professional job doing nights and it just progressed from there and the relationship became stronger and to this day we’re still best mates aren’t we!

Do you get many interesting people to interview?

W: Yeah I mean in this industry we get to interview a lot of people. We’ve met Robbie Williams, Take That, Lionel Richie…The Hoff!

J: The Stereophonics were good – when we got them on I was overwhelmed but you just have to remember to stay professional.

I suppose people feel like they know you because they listen to you all the time 

J: We are very lucky because the show has become the most successful breakfast show in Wales and we’re very proud of that because we’re not Welsh and when we came to Wales we really wanted to embrace Wales and do it in the Welsh way. The Welsh have accepted us and they’ve called us the honorary Welshmen which is nice.

My kids now they’ve got a little Welsh twang because they’ve been living in Wales since they were 8 years old. So when they come home from school they’ve got a little Welsh accent!

W: It was a great move coming to Wales, it’s been brilliant and really good to us.

…and obviously you love your job

W: It’s great working with your best mate having a laugh

J: …a bit like your job really!

W: Jag and I worked in a factory so we know what it’s like to do that 9 to 5 shift. It’s easy to cast your mind back to think how things were when you’ve had a bad day, or you’re tired…and then it really brings you back down to earth to think how lucky we are!

J: I’ve worked as a postman, so the hours were similar to this one with the early mornings. When you’re driving to work you know it’s cold and will probably rain when you’re out on the job. But now when I drive into work, its still cold, but I know I’m going into a studio with a nice cup of coffee and having a chat with my bestie. So people say “Jagger and Woody you’re so down to earth!”… and we are because we appreciate the job rather than abuse it. We just enjoy every moment!

Do you ever say something on air and think ‘oh I shouldn’t have said that’?

W: We’ve been so well trained especially when it comes to anything legality wise knowing what and what not to say…but that doesn’t mean we don’t say stupid things on air, because we do it on a daily basis, and think ‘oh that was really stupid what a stupid thing to say’. It might just be a little thing but it haunts you in your mind like ‘why did I say that?’

…because you might say something that people wouldn’t want to hear? 

J: It’s different these days, we always have our phones on us with social media. So when we’re on air we’re constantly getting feedback from the listeners – and you never got that before. People used to have to ring into the radio station, but now you say something on air and within 30 seconds you get instant feedback on it. You’ve got to have thick skin too.

W: Sometimes you do get something wrong, a slip of the tongue. You might get a result of a rugby game and slip up and get it wrong…or you say that Wales were playing New Zealand instead of Australia -and you’ve said it and you can’t take it back.

J: Once you’ve said it the producers will say ‘sorry mate you got it wrong’ [laughs]

What’s the best thing about you’re job? You’ve said working with your bestie is one of them 

J:  We have the upmost respect for each other. When he makes a decision I know that its going to be a good decision and he’s the same with me. The good thing is that we still make each other laugh!

W: You can tell when we’re on the air that we’re genuinely enjoying it and are having a laugh.

So it’s for everyone really

J: The kids love it too…we call it the Shrek factor – suitable for kids but there’s a joke or two in there for Mum and Dad.

W:  When people listen to us we like to think they think ‘oh we’ve done that too’ and I think that’s why it works, people can listen to us and relate.

J: We stay away from the celebrity lifestyle, some presenters will talk about how they went to a party last night with Take That – and the listeners can’t relate. Chances are no one listening will have gone on a night out with Take That. So we have met celebrities a few times, but we never go on about it because it’s not relatable…unless it’s a funny story

W:…I mean we’ll tell the good stories…like the time I pinched Pat Sharpe’s taxi [laughs].

J: We do have some celebrities following us…The one I’m most proud of is that P!nk follows me

W: We went to meet her in London and Jag asked her can you follow us and she said “the minute you don’t make me laugh I’ll unfollow you”

J:…and that was 5 years ago!

It’s a rainy Saturday, what are you doing?

J: I’ve got two Labradors so come rain or shine I’ve got them down the beach

W: Yeah and Jag is on the settee! [laughs]

J: Yeah and they never take themselves out the lazy things! [laughs] When its Saturday its that time for walkies on the beach.

W: A Saturday is the best time for me to sit on the settee, put my feet up and watch a film…a lazy Saturday afternoon.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced in your career?

W: I think just getting that big break. We worked together and it took a while to getting from amateur to going professional, and it was a big jump. There is no set way of doing it – it’s a matter of a bit of luck, talent and being in the right place at the right time.

J: We sent about 100 discs to different radio stations and we only got 3 replies! The only reason we got the show was because the guy running the show at the time was a fan of an American show of a man and woman, a couple, and he was called Jagger and she was called Chrissy. Woody’s first name is Chris so because he saw the names together he listened to it, and liked it. It was just a coincidence our names were the same as the American show.

W: We went to do a show and to be honest the first time we were absolutely rubbish! We did the Easter bank holiday show and we got an email back with feedback how we could improve and we thought ‘that’s it we’ll never hear from him again’. It wasn’t until another stroke of luck that they needed a show they could put on overnight and he thought you know we’ll put those two on.

W: It was that little overnight show that we sorted everything out, sorted any little issues that needed sorting and got it right.

J: Then by the following January we started on Breakfast on the same station, we did that for 9 years.

W: As a presenter there’s no set way of getting into it, you can’t just say you want to be a presenter – you have to find your own way and that’s a massive challenge in this business

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into this field? 

W: You’ve got to be focussed, stick at it, just go for it, keep trying!

J: It’s having that positive mental attitude. We always believed in each other, this product we have to offer – and we never gave up on it…even when people told us it’s not gonna happen to us, we still kept going.

W: I mean there are a lot of little tiny community radio stations out there – there’s no reason why you can’t jump in there, you might not be working for anything. Just get experience, get on the air. Hospital radio – me and Jag started there broadcasting to like 3 patients.

J:…and it’s been a long journey!

J: We use this quote all the time “find the job you love and you’ll never work again” ‘cause this isn’t work really.



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